Location based decisions leads to stronger governance

Strong decisions, location based decisions

Geo Solutions believes strongly that the power of location can help governments or cities in taking smarter decisions. Because location based decisions can take into account multiple disciplines and are standing in a a real world context.

Where to fore see space for housing or industry? Where do we have to provide energy? Where can we generate green energy? Do we have space left for sports, nature or forest. Where will our kids have to play? Where can they go to school? How will we get at work?

All kinds of questions that require the combination or interaction of multiple disciplines and that are subject of both local and regional governments. The link between these disciplines... location. Everything is happening somewhere!


Smart services

To realise our believe in close collaboration with our customers Geo Solutions developed strong expertise in three domains. Each of those domains can support our customers in their daily challenges for smart location based decisions.

Smart solutions for smart decisions

Reference cases for government sector

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