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Location based thinking enables more effectivity

A spatial view to enable access to market

The relation between customer and store has drastically changed. The shift from traditional markets with nearby customers to e-commerce with on-line customers has an impact on how we do business.  We help customers to make optimal use of location based thinking to strengthen their business in this changing situation.


Go to market!

We help our customers in different ways.  Knowing and understanding the spatial characteristics of your market and customers is key to enable the easiest access to your shop. We optimise delivery plans or can calculate the best spot for your access points.

Our Services

Based on the different expert domains we can help our customers in very different ways to unlock the power of location in your sector. Business and technology experts take you through a step by step approach to enable the power of location. They enable location in you strategy, enterprise architecture and your IT systems. Location based data will strengthen the link between your business and your customers.

Smart solutions for smart decisions

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