Air Liquide

The goal of the project is to update the inventory of the RoW (Rights of Way) with sufficient level of detail. The inventory needs to show all trees and structures on a GIS layer.

Geo Solutions proposed a solution to update the inventory of the RoW based on the combination of recent aerial images, height information and existing geographic data. The goal was to create an overview of the land occupation around the pipelines, with the focus on the inventarisation of all trees and structures.


About Air Liquide

Air Liquide Benelux Industries (ALBI) owns and operates in the Benelux a pipeline network for industrial gases with a total length of 2225km, situated on approximately 1600km of pipeline trace. To protect the integrity of the pipeline, the construction of structures and the presence of trees are forbidden in the reserved zone around the transportation pipeline by law and by internal Air Liquide rules.