Our business services

Our Technologies

Our customers can benefit from location through our in depth expertise of three wel selected GIS technologies. Each technology provide a wide range of both functional and architectural possibilities. Based on these technologies we can make the power of location effective for everyone within your existing ICT environment.

Methodiek in de spotlight: Agile

Het proces is minstens even belangrijk als het eindproduct. Technical lead Bart legt uit wat agile is en waarom we vaak deze ontwikkelmethode kiezen.

To bring location in every corner of your organisation we provide our clients with in depth ICT expertise at different levels. At the level of development, infrastructure or architecture our experts can find a strategy that fits yours organisation.

Our Data & products

To visualise the location aspects of your activities we provide a number of services and base maps that can be implemented easily. They give you a clear view on what is happening where and allow to benefit from new spatial insights.

Our business solutions

Several challenges are faced by many companies. Mapping your addresses for example is such one. We provide standardised solutions that allow our customers to speed up the operational implementation and to have benefit from their spatial insights.