Infrastructure, design, maintenance: a strategic approach through location data.


Spatial asset management to increase efficiency

In our daily life we use communication technology, water and energy continuously. We switch on the light and electricity flows. We open the tab and water flows. I make a call and signals are flowing. We rarely stop to question how all these things just work.

The transport from producer to consumer is a complex spatial proces. It requires deep understanding of several location based aspects. Where are my customers? Where do we have to invest in new infrastructure? Where is maintenance needed most? At Geo Solutions we help our customers in the utility sector to support these where questions.

Even stronger. We provide services that help our customers to spatially enable all their processes so they can, based on location, cross reference investments, production, distribution and maintenance. Location is the crucial link


Our services

Based on the different expert domains we can help our customers in very different ways to unlock the power of location in the utility sector. Business and technology experts take you through a step by step approach to enable the power of location. They enable location in your strategy, enterprise architecture and your IT systems. Location based data will strengthen the link between your activities and your customers.

Smart solutions for smart decisions

Reference cases for the utility sector

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