Fluvius is putting power in its asset management.

Keeping tabs on an enormous infrastructure.


Cables, pipelines, cabins, street lighting ... the infrastructure of Fluvius, the distribution system operator, is immense. How do you ensure that the systems that map these assets remain up-to-date?


Fluvius has been working on geo-localization for years and is eagerly using GIS information. But the decentralized approach of the organization led to a multitude of GIS applications, built on different platforms and with various possibilities for exporting data. The current IT systems for asset management no longer meet the strategic objectives that Fluvius strives for.

Moreover, Eandis merges with Infrax, to Fluvius. Infrax applications must be integrated with those of Eandis: clear guidelines on architecture, uniformization and other processes are a must.


We analyzed the application landscape, listened to the needs and objectives of Fluvius, and redefined all GIS applications into a new, logical infrastructure. We worked, together with Eandis and Infrax, on a roadmap towards a modern GIS and asset management system based on standard solutions. Our consultants provide support to the Fluvius team that draws up the guidelines on architecture and uniformization.

The application architect is responsible for the elaboration and assessment of IT solutions, with attention to complexity, integration and standardization. A repository of the application landscape is created in which structure, interfaces, integrations, functionalities, technology, data formats and data exchange are mapped out by means of clear and useful diagrams. The modeling of applications and integrations takes place in Sparx Enterprise Architect.


The decisions and scenarios are communicated throughout the organization and passed on to the partners who create and manage the Fluvius applications.

For example, the same processes, techniques and architecture are used throughout the organization and across all applications, which is a huge advantage to the future.

Fact sheet


Example of how different systems are linked to each other, and how this can be visualized.

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