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Need a venue in the city of Antwerp for a party or rehearsals of your band?

Avoid searching for hours on the web and go to Zaalzoeker. Find a suitable venue from a wide range and make a reservation.

Venue for rent in the city of Antwerp?

In a few clicks you place your room on Zaalzoeker and you reach a large and diverse audience. More visibility guaranteed.


The web application to search for a venue at the city of Antwerp was very outdated and had to be renewed both in terms of quality and underlying techniques. It is reinvented with underlying state-of-the-art technology and new functionalities.

Venue seekers want to find a venue as quickly as possible. Venue rental companies want to manage their venues in a simple and standardized way and make them visible to a wide audience. The “zaalzoeker” also has a mediation role for associations and organizations for organizing larger events: applications for such requests must also be available via the application.


All rooms, including location, availability and other relevant information, are centralized. Digipolis Antwerp is an ICT administrator for the city of Antwerp and offers certain services for the development of applications for the city of Antwerp. In the background, Zaalzoeker communicates with these services (ACPaaS) and uses their infrastructure, which combines standardization with efficiency. The style guide of the city of Antwerp was also used for the lay-out.


Zaalzoeker is a web application with a simple and intuitive interface. Both tenants and landlords are self-reliant, saving time and energy on both sides.

A map tells you how many venues are available where. With one click on the map, the specifications of the available venues appear, with contact info, room specifications and general availability. Via an extensive search system you can also filter by address and all sorts of specifications.

Once a suitable room has been found, the contact details or website of the room rental company (for making a reservation) are displayed. Through the use of an assistance file, an appropriate room can be found for associations, events and organizations by an employee of the Zaalzoeker office. For venue rental companies, too, it is easy to publish a room on the website. To check the completeness of the application, it is first approved by a staff member of Zaalzoeker. This guarantees the quality of the venue offers.

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