Total does smart risk management thanks to location

At a refinery security is one of the main priorities, because you work with dangerous products. Fortunately, strict processes ensure that chances are very small that something goes wrong. But what happens when fate strikes? Total wanted to be prepared for everything.


The development of a risk tool that makes it possible to define risk zones in case of accidents and in case of the need to evacuate.


The refinery and its environment are included in a geospatial analysis. Based on a number of parameters, an algorithm calculates which zones have which risks. The parameters that are entered include gas type, wind direction, wind speed and a number of other data layers such as population data, buildings and other assets that can be impacted.

The risk analysis divides the region into different risk zones. Specific evacuation measures apply to each zone.


A very visual tool that does all calculations automatically. One immediately knows which zones must be evacuated. Both management and employees are more safe.

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