Understanding car crashes to avoid them.

Every year, thousands of accidents occur in Flanders. Geo Solutions created a platform on which the accident data can easily be collected, built in open source software.


The Flemish government wants to have a clear view of the accidents in Flanders: detecting dangerous points and retrieving accident statistics.


Geo Solutions developed a tailor-made tool with which accidents can be positioned very precisely. The location of an accident can be registered on the basis of address, kilometer point or coordinates. The accidents are located at the corresponding point on the road. In addition, accidents are also aggregated in order to be able to show dangerous traffic areas. We also dig deep into the data. We linked accident statistics to traffic and other parameters so that a clearer picture can be formed about the how and why of each accident. A custom-developed algorithm performs the complex calculation work.

Geo Solutions has developed a customized tool with which accidents can be positioned very precisely.


Today, the specialists at VHV (Vlaams huis voor verkeersveiligheid), AWV (Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer) and the Flemish government can request information that’s both correct and statistically useful, with just one click. All of this was achieved without having to adjust their workflow radically.

The grouped data sets of accidents, locations and traffic situations have become an indispensable tool in the planning of infrastructure works to increase road safety by tackling, for example, dangerous locations.

With this information we make the dangerous points in Flanders more insightful than ever. On a map it is clear at a glance where traffic safety can be optimized.

Interested in merging data sources based on location? Don't hesitate to contact me.