The ideal location for a supermarket

How does Aldi begin the search for the ideal place for a new supermarket? There are so many conditions that you have to take into account: retail space, accessibility, proximity to other stores, … GIS analysis can help a lot.


Aldi wants a list of all parcels that meet the location conditions that they have defined. These conditions are extensive and diverse: the plot must lie in a certain region, have a minimum surface area, lie close to connecting roads, lie in residential areas, etc. It takes a lot of time to check this manually. Besides, to have an entire overview of the situation is difficult. The help of GIS analysts is called in to speed up this process and to make well-founded decisions.


A GIS flow is drawn up, taking into account the specific conditions of Aldi. Cartography is an important part of this project: publicly available map layers are used as well as maps provided by the retail chain itself. Certain conditions must be checked manually, such as the location of spatial expansion plans (RUPs) in the region.

Aldi receives a visual overview of interesting plots: useful for making the final choice.


All parcels that meet the conditions are selected on the basis of the spatial analysis. Aldi receives a number of analysis maps, an overview map and a detailed map per result, as well as a table with the most important data. A report gives an overview of the location conditions used and how many parcels comply with this. On the basis of this information, Aldi can make an informed decision regarding which property owners are contacted for buying up land. Geo Solutions has researched different regions for this retail chain, both in Flanders and Brussels. This shows that different data types can be used in such spatial analysis, since Brussels and Flanders have different data sources. Although this was not requested, our GIS analysts have automated this process as much as possible. A next step could be to create an application where the customer can set conditions himself. In this way he will be able to see potential parcels directly on the map and request parcel information.

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