Geopunt: GIS data at work

Geopunt is the central gateway to geographic information for government agencies, citizens, organisations and companies. The portal offers a wide range of data, services and applications. The geographic data and their metadata come from different agencies and must therefore be uniform and of a verified high quality. Moreover, Geopunt wants to know which new functionalities the users want and where improvements are possible. Our GIS and business consultants support Geopunt in all these aspects.

As the administrators of geodata are all kinds of authorities, it is crucial that good agreements are made regarding uniformity and quality.


The information reporting team of “Informatie Vlaanderen” brings digital geographical information that is managed by other organisations to the customer. They process geographical data from VLM (Flemish Land Agency), VLAIO (Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship) and VMM (Flemish Environment Agency). Since the administrators of this information are all kinds of agencies, it is crucial that good agreements are made regarding uniform, standardised and qualitative data.

One of the distribution channels of this geographic information is Geopunt. Geopunt has a handy GIS viewer, made for non-GIS experts. In addition, there is a metadata catalog, various applications and a download application. The needs of the various users must be checked.


Geo Solutions provides support for updating internal and external sources. For example, certain processes such as data delivery are standardised and automated using a standard data model. Our GIS consultants are also involved in the generic quality control of the Large-scale Reference File (GRB). Moreover, our business consultants help to determine the needs of the thousands of Geopunt users. All of this happens within the framework of an accessible and user-friendly platform, with sustainable, high-quality and user-oriented data products.

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