Geoloket: the province of Antwerp is putting its data on a public map.

A province has a wealth of location information that its residents can do a lot with. But how do you make that information available in a convenient way?


The province of Antwerp makes a large amount of digital geographical information available via a “Geoloket”. The workflows and scripts of this application are not immutable and needed an update. The expertise that Geo Solutions has in-house was addressed for this.

The Geoloket mainly serves to make information available. But information can also be passed on to the Province of Antwerp. Geo Solutions has contributed to, among other things, a reporting point for oak processionary caterpillars: where are they and how are they controlled?


Geo Solutions offered support in the development, maintenance and expansion of the Geoloket for the Province of Antwerp. An optimization of the Geocortex workflows was done. We also helped to expand and optimize underlying Python scripts.

In addition, a reporting point for the ins and outs of oak processionary caterpillars was developed. With this interactive oak processionary caterpillar map a nest can be reported on the basis of address or on a map. One can also look up which pesticides are allowed and enter how the caterpillars are destroyed. The Geoloket is also used for the central management by the administration (where is it allowed to use control measures) and for the notification of executed control measures by people on site.


The Geoloket is a visual tool, accessible to everyone and requires no technical knowledge. Digital maps from different domains can be found here: such as nature, spatial planning, watercourses, infrastructure and landscape. In addition, the interactive oak procession caterpillar map helps to map these caterpillars.

Do you want to make data available based on location? Don't hesitate to contact us.