A data viewer for spatial planning

All cities and municipalities of Flanders collect information about spatial planning. They fill databases with vacancies, social housing, occupancy rate, and so on.


Collecting and storing information about spatial planning is useful. Making these data available to the public is a challenge. How can you easily find a way into the complex web of – among other things – spatial plans and regulations?


Geo Solutions built a geoportaal for spatial planning and regulations, where data layers originating from DSI (Digitaal Stedenbouwkundig Informatie platform) and other data layers can be visualized. Both a publicly accessible and an internal geoportal were made.

We were involved in the strategic process for the selection of a suitable architecture, in the analysis of the existing data and in the construction of the tool. Today we provide support and infrastructure management.


We made a “geoportaal” that makes the spatial planning of a certain plot or piece of land transparent at any time. For example, Spatial Implementation Plans (RUPs) can be searched by address, parcel or map. In the internal geoportal (available for civil servants) not only a link to the DSI is made, but also all information concerning the RUPs can be retrieved. Users can combine the information of regional plans, spatial implementation plans and any adjustments and thus make the correct analysis of the situation of their parcel. The current tool is user-friendly and saves the citizen and administration a lot of research.

Do you also want to unlock data and make it available to the public? Do not hesitate to contact me.