The “hitteverklikker” keeps your head cool

How can technology help to communicate more quickly and in a more targeted way about heat in the city to the most vulnerable groups in a neighbourhood?

Geo Solutions has created the “hitteverklikker” platform in collaboration with ASZ and Digipolis. An application with the aim of informing the older population, their caregivers and nurses about a (possible) heat wave as it has a big impact on the older population.


The necessary data to inform users about the current and future heat is visualized in a Web application:

  • Current climate forecasts from the Flemish Institute for Technological Development (VITO)
  • Measurements by imec smart sensors in the Antwerp Smart Zone (the Sint-Andrieswijk)
  • An interactive map showing all the places that are important during warm periods. This map functionality is offered by the Geo Solutions Compass lib.
  • A trigger mechanism that sends SMS messages or mails uses the ACPaaS engines from Digipolis.


A responsive Web application that provides users with the following information:

  • The currently measured temperature in the Antwerp Smart Zone
  • The local temperature forecast for the next 5 days and
    The heat stress level. That level depends on the perceived temperature (the measured temperature plus direct solar radiation, humidity, wind, etc.). It determines how people experience the heat.
  • A heat warning when one of the official heat thresholds is exceeded. Then the test audience gets tips tailored to the time of day.

Furthermore, the Hitteverklikker offers an interactive map on which all places that are important during warm periods are indicated: drinking water taps, medical posts, family doctors, hospitals and pharmacists, but also cool outdoor and indoor areas within walking distance.

Want to merge data? Location is the key! Don't hesitate to contact me to learn more.