A data viewer for spatial planning

A quality living environment in a smart city starts with well-informed citizens and professionals who have all the information needed to realize their dreams and projects. The permits department therefore wants to bundle all information for obtaining, issuing and managing permits for a parcel within Anwerp in one place and to make it available to the public via an open platform. By indicating a parcel on a map or searching by address, the user must be able to request the data in a targeted manner and to be able to consult it in a qualitative manner.


A responsive website where data from different GIS layers, made available by Digipolis Antwerp and Erfgoed Vlaanderen, is collected for the respective parcel. Digipolis ACPaaS engines are used for sending emails and generating the PDF with the parcel-oriented information. The map functionality is offered by the Geo Solutions Compass lib.


Both individuals and professionals can now unambiguously retrieve all information from their / a selected parcel:

  • prescriptions
  • permits
  • heritage rules and other applicable regulations

This application replaces first-line support within the permits department of the city of Antwerp. Up to 15% of the questions are answered / collected directly by this application.

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