Alstom on the right track

When building a public transport solution such as a train or tram, there is a lot happening on a big factory surface. How do you monitor all assets during the production process?


In the large factory, it is difficult to ascertain in which factory hall which trains are located, how long they are there, where they are going and at what stage of the production process they are. This information is nevertheless crucial for optimization of the production workflow. It may be that there are, for example, queues in the shed where certain electronics are added, while the paint space is empty.


In cooperation with Suivo, another subsidiary of Geo Square, a system is being set up for monitoring train locations. The sensors that are used for this are developed by Suivo.

Bluetooth beacons are hung in the various halls of the factory. The trains themselves contain a tracker. When a train is moved, these trackers register movement. When the movement has ended, this is detected which bluetooth beacon is the closest. This makes it possible to deduce in which hall the train is located. When a train moves outside the factory halls, it switches to GPS signal.


The information from these sensors is passed on to a custom-designed application. A map and table can be called up for each train in a handy overview. By means of a search and filter function a certain asset can be selected and the tracking history can be retrieved. This way we know when and in which factory hall which trains are and if there are any bottlenecks. Important information for improving the production flow.

A configuration module was also added to assign a tracker to a new train. This way the trackers can easily be reused.

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