Working at Geo Solutions

We feel your job doesn't have to feel like work. When you're passionate about something, time flies! That's exactly what we want to achieve. How? By empowering you to make your own decisions and by giving you the tools to grow. Our team is made solely of enthusiastic professionals. And yes, that's contagious!

A future proof career


Everything we do is related to the principle of a digital twin: creating a digital copy of your company by harvesting the power of location. A nice business today, but a market in full expansion.

With enterprises growing in complexity, there's a greater need for what we do. WIll you join our team as an early adopter? Then you'll be sure of a fascinating job with growth potential during your entire career.

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Our current offers

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Are you interested in one of our job openings? Do send me an email with your resume and a short motivation letter. We're always looking for new colleagues who love location technology, so feel free to reach out!