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Your aim, as a company, is to continually improve and evolve, while ensuring that your operations are sustainable too. It’s an undeniable fact that everything that companies, organisations and people do takes place ‘somewhere’ – at a specific location. There’s always a geographical context with plenty of interaction going on between different factors. That field of tension is where we operate.

Knowledge and management of the physical space that an organisation operates in have the potential to systematically contribute to a company’s strength and, in a broader sense, to the sustainability of our society.

Your company houses a treasure trove of data. There’s no end to the interaction between people, assets, spaces and devices. Here at GEO Solutions, we collect all that data in a comprehensive Digital Twin – a digital copy of your company. We model a digital world that correlates with the real one. And that makes it possible to main a full overview at all times so that you’re always up to date.

To put it simply, we help you do business smarter and faster. Our top priority is to use location to create robust, agile organisations.

Partnering with us

GEO Solutions is your partner for experts, project teams and ready-made products and solutions.



Our experts specialise in one or more fields of expertise and are ready to use their knowledge to support your business.

Project teams

This group of experts is ready to help you make a new or existing solution work for your organisation.


GEO Solutions works with various partners for data and software. We recommend their products as part of our solutions. View the expertise pages to learn more about the products we offer.

Places where we operate

The city

The city

That means big cities, small villages, connections between cities, and all the challenges that go along with them. How do we tackle mobility, sports, safety, and sustainable community when the spaces we live in continue to shrink? Full-scale smart cities are the rhythm of the future, and you can already hear the beat.



Airports, shipping, and transport, in general, are all part of it. How do we create synergy and order in the midst of all this movement? After all, these are the key gateways to our economy.

Industrial sites

Industrial sites

From asset management to security – it’s about determining how to achieve maximum productivity despite limited space, assets and employees, while never losing sight of sustainability.



Ensuring that everyone has easy access to electricity, water, gas, the internet, etc. is a must. And it’s just one more area where we can help maintain an overview: Where do all the tubes and cables go and who’s using them? To guarantee that there’s enough to go around, you need a proper estimate of the supply-demand ratio.



The key is to boost efficiency and keep the environment a priority.



Manage parks, forests, waterways and more with cartography. The balance between people and the planet is a precarious one. How do we combine recreation, economy, transport, etc. and protect our natural resources at the same time?

Our values



Our employees are committed to genuinely sharing their expertise. They are trained to provide sound and substantiated advice. We always take all stakeholders into account.


Technology is constantly changing. Our organizations and the market too. Our consultants find this continuous dynamic of change an enjoyable challenge. So being sharp every day to respond to new matters is key with us.


We are all people: an open atmosphere where there is room for creativity and a smile is a must for us.

Part of something bigger

Geo Solutions is part of an ecosystem, a solid network that we can rely on when we need it and that sustains our growth.

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