Never get lost again thanks to indoor mapping?

Never get lost again thanks to indoor mapping?

Thanks to years of careful mapping technology, we navigate through our environment efficiently, smoothly and intelligently. Through tracking, mapping and extensive information about our spatial environment, we have become true experts in outdoor locations. But when we walk inside a building, we still notice a great discrepancy between the outside world and the inside of a building.

Fortunately, we are working harder and harder on solutions to this problem. Through the application of location-aware technology within buildings, indoor mapping has become a reality, from floor plans to detailed digital maps. A kind of digital twin of a building – in which manipulations can be implemented quickly – thus becomes a reality.

Existing and new buildings are being digitized more and more to generate information within the structure of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The current digitization rate naturally depends on the sector and industry in which the location is located. In health care, retail, government and public transport, for example, extensive investments have already been made in making buildings smarter and thus more accessible. Through digital floor plans, similar to maps that can be generated through existing applications such as Google Maps and Waze, organizations can finally make the way of navigating through their buildings and their management more efficient.

At GEO Solutions we are looking forward to this future, in which indoor mapping becomes a general aspect of our living environment, just as it is already done outdoors. Indoor mapping is an evolution that ensures that we experience spaces differently. Ready to turn your building into a digital twin?