Expertise in the spotlight: Bricsys

Expertise in the spotlight: Bricsys

As a GIS Consultant at Geo Solutions I am currently working as an Information Quality Officer at Brussels Airport Company.

The Information Quality officer is a central point of contact when it comes to information and tools. I am responsible for the continuous improvement of the quality of information within Infrastructure systems and I ensure that this is done according to agreed standards. This is to support all departments within Asset Management, but also other departments within Brussels Airport Company and external parties that use our tools.

Brussels Airport Company will invest heavily in its infrastructure in the coming years, with a great deal of attention being paid to data quality, also in terms of project and document management.

An important tool that is used for this is Bricsys 24/7.

Bricsys 24/7: A collaboration tool focused on projects within design and construction.


“A collaboration tool? Actually a refined Sharepoint?” I initially thought. As with any collaboration tool, the essence of Bricsys 24/7 is indeed the ability to easily share files and to collaborate securely with colleagues on the basis of access rights. View documents, make revisions or add annotations and report this to other users. “Nothing new under the sun,” I thought. It soon became clear to me that it goes much further in terms of project management.

Documents are uploaded in a uniform folder structure and the necessary permission roles are assigned to the folders. The framework is always construction or infrastructure, which means that a lot of external experts actively participate in the project. With Bricsys 24/7 it is very easy to give multiple organizations, architectural firms and contractors access to the platform. The number of users to be allocated is unlimited and the user database is managed in an umbrella for all projects. For example, it is very simple to give a completely external team of architects from one project access to another project.

The power of Bricsys


The power of Bricsys 24/7 is shown when it comes to process management. Workflow automation of pre-defined processes ensures that the right stakeholders are involved in the preparation and approval of the correct documents.

If new implementation plans are made available by a contractor on Bricsys 24/7, the architect and safety adviser are then immediately informed of this and the document can only obtain its approved status once these two parties have had their say. If they reject a document, the contractor in question will be notified of this with the necessary annotations, and he will have the opportunity to prove himself again on the basis of a revision. The document flow then starts again. No e-mails with format attachments are sent back and forth. To date, I have not found an easier way to ensure compliance with good project management.

Through the necessary extensions, the collaboration can also continue on site. Based on a link with Aproplan, documents and plans from Bricsys can be shared 24/7 with the site supervisors and they can take notes on the same plans. These can be returned to the contractor in the form of a report via the mobile app, accompanied by some clarifying photos. It is clear here that digitization is important for Brussels Airport Company, I conclude. The entire process can happen without a single printout of a plan.

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