No project without analysts and project managers. After all, they play a key role in the success of a collaboration.

Barbara Eykerman - Team coordinator project managers en analysts



Something can be clear in your head, but that’s why you don’t necessarily get that coherent on paper. An analyst helps you to put your ideas into practice and often sees misunderstandings before they happen. Good agreements are a great start to a collaboration! The result of this process is a written briefing or even a click model.


Thanks to years of experience on dozens of projects, our analysts can adapt to a new environment like no other. They are not familiar with approaching helicopter view processes. Handy for being an outsider right away! Some of our analysts stay in the same organization for longer, but a short-term process is also possible.


Our analysts don’t just listen. Thanks to their creative background, they can also inspire. Maybe there are other solutions for your challenge that you didn’t think of at first sight. We are not just yes-marbles, thinking firmly is our mission.

Project managers


A project manager is a translator, in the sense that he effortlessly bridges the gap between developers and organizations. Technical jargon is clarified and questions from a customer are then “translated” into that jargon. This ongoing dialogue during a project ensures that the PM can keep its finger on the pulse and that everyone can sleep soundly.


The strictest project managers are the best. They monitor the “scope” of a project and ensure that what has been agreed is delivered on time. Still have an extra task? That is often possible, but there too the project manager is the helpline. He calculates the impact in both costs and time that it should be.


Project completed, until never again !? No, that’s not how it works. The project manager is always available for aftercare. Fortunately.
Discover the passion and craftsmanship of our project managers yourself? Do not hesitate to contact us.