IT services & open source

The IT service team consists of developers, DevOps specialists and software architects who can help organizations with the complete lifecycle of a software application. We offer technical design, development, roll-out and management support.

Bart Saelen - Team lead IT


Provide support with project planning and technical analysis / architecture.


Development of the application/project.


Building automatic testing and performing tests.


Prepare the application for deployment by creating the right ``packages`` (dll, war, jar, docker image, ...)


Deployment of the application in 1 or more environments.


Ensure the correct configuration for each environment.


Monitor the application when it is in use to quickly detect problems.

Guidance through the entire development process

You can turn to the Geo Solutions IT team for guidance throughout the entire development cycle. Do you want a part of the cycle or the whole? Everything is possible.


Experience with more than 20 technologies so that we can make the right choice for you.

GEOSERVER | PostgreSQL – PostGis | OpenLayers | Leaflet | QGIS | SQLServer | Javascript | Angular | node.js | Python | Java | Spring | .NET | .net core | Windows | Linux | Docker | Kubernetes | AWS | Azure | Microsoft mixed reality | Unity | …

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