The Hexagon team from Geo Solutions has a wide range of knowledge and experience. We consist of very enthusiastic, inquisitive and flexible employees, and can also rely on the expertise of our partner organizations and contacts within Hexagon.

Annelies van Alphen - Team coordinator Hexagon

The company Hexagon is a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous technologies. Our strength is that we can support broader solutions than traditional GIS, and flexibly think along with our customers for possible company-wide solutions. We mostly focus on making configurable solutions possible, so that the customer can manage these independently. Programming is therefore possible, but is certainly not a starting point for us.

Within Geo Solutions and Geo Square there is a huge potential of domain knowledge around specific customer groups and technological solutions. By combining this with our Hexagon knowledge, we can help organizations to connect and optimize their operation.



Daily operations

Daily support in your office, for the execution of assignments with Hexagon technology.


IT Architecture advice with Hexagon

Hexagon offers a very wide spectrum of solutions. It is possible for a customer to integrate parts of this with his existing applications. We can provide advice on the various options, impact on the organization, possible improvements, and estimation of costs.


GeoSpatial projects

With the Hexagon Technology we can develop different types of projects, possibly in collaboration with other units of Geo Solutions. This can go from traditional GIS to remote sensing or BI solutions.


Hexagon GeoSpatial

Offers the most general GIS tools, with which customized solutions can be built.

Hexagon Safety and Infrastructure

Offers applications for Safe Cities, and for infrastructure management, such as Cables and Pipelines.

Hexagon GeoSystems

Offers technology around reality capture, such as Leica. There are also divisions and solutions for Mining, Agriculture, Marine applications, production intelligence.
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