We think that work does not have to feel like work. When you are passionate about something, the days fly by. That is what we want to achieve. How? By giving you the necessary freedom to make your own decisions, and by giving you the necessary tools to grow. Our team consists only of enthusiastic professionals, and yes: that is contagious!


Daily discoveries


Working nine-to-five glued to your desk? Think again. You work actively with our customers, get to know their business and get creative with proposals to improve their business. A huge assignment? Certainly! But the satisfaction that you get out of it will be just as great.

Life long learning


Our field – our playground rather – is in full evolution. The things you know today might be different tomorrow. That is why we think it is important to give you the space and resources to keep learning. Our Geo Academy ensures that you can always offer the best solution to our customers and that you remain completely up to date yourself.

We trust you


We believe that work should not feel like an obligation, and trust that your passion will ensure that you are the best version of yourself. In that trust we let go of the 9-to-5 mentality. Your children suddenly fall ill? Then you just work from home. No “sorry” needed if you have to go to the dentist during office hours. We are driven by the end result and are not hourly counters.
With the growing complexity of companies, the need for what we do is increasing. Will you join our team as an early adopter? Then you are sure of an exciting job and growth opportunities throughout your career.
Kristel Dewit – HR manager
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