Use the power of location to improve your organisation.




By integrating all the data with location as the unifying factor, you can boost your response time.

Higher ROI


Say goodbye to gut feeling and hello to carefully calculated decisions that lead to higher returns.

Risk reduction


Location-based data sources can make working at your company safer.

Strategic growth


Correlating all the available data makes it possible to pave a clear path towards growth.



A digital twin provides clarity on and insight into conflicting interests in the transition to a sustainable society.
With our knowledge and skills we want to offer the best location information systems for companies, so that they can better visualize and deploy location insights. We offer insights that no excel sheet can offer.
Rombout Verwimp, CEO GEO Solutions

How we can help

GEO Solutions is active in three of the Digital Twin’s stages.




How can location, e.g. insight into customers, deliveries, and asset positions, help you run your business efficiently and sustainably? What is the potential of location? Which ideas show the most potential and ought to be capitalised on?
Our knowledge and expertise give us the tools needed to create a clear picture of where the opportunities for positive impact lie and how to make them a reality.



We use lean development methods to construct the systems required to collect, manage, and analyse all data on processes and activities. We provide support in the areas of design, construction, and maintenance. That support comes in a variety of different forms, from custom solutions to using open source, or ESRI, rather, etc.



What impact do the activities of others have on my context? How can I make better use of the context I’m active in with a priority focus on continuity? How do my company’s KPIs relate to the context? How should they be mapped? These insights are guaranteed to help your business make better, faster decisions.

References in the spotlight

At GEO Solutions we have a lot of experience. These cases are just a small sample. Feel free to discover the entire range of our services!

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Our assets

The features of Geo Solutions that make us unique.


100% GIS expertise


We are the Belgian company with by far the most expertise in the field of geo-information systems.



We are not bound by the use of certain software or technology. We make the right choice or adapt to your system.

A network


As part of the Cronos group, we can provide experts for each specific part of your project.
The power of location and the Digital Twin principle can be applied in any company. No matter what level you are looking for, we are happy to help you further with our expertise.