About us

Passionated experts on location

Maps allow us to see the world differently

Geo Solutions, a Belgian company, helps you to unlock and enrich location data. We focus on the design and realisation of GEO-ICT solutions that support both the strategic and operational decision proces of our customers. 

Our solutions, concepts and consultancy is based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Information & Communication Technologies (ICT). Our services are innovative and flexibel and are relevant to many sectors amongst which Government, utility and industrie our focus.

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We offer a wide range of services that can be tailor made to your needs.

Our Values

Mission Statement

With our knowledge and skills we want to provide the best geographic information systems for companies to make geographic data easier to interpret and utilize, and to optimize their business processes. We provide insights that no excel-sheet or graph can ever beat. Combined with the data already in your company, location-based data will help you to make smarter decisions.


We’re providing an agile and trustworthy partnership with a service that’s custom-made and top notch—always with a personal approach. Furthermore you will find us:

  • Trustworthy We’re a reliable and sincere partner in delivering a high-quality end product, on time and within budget.
  • Dynamic Our team is skilled with knowledge and expertise to tackle problems quickly and come up with geo solutions to realize end-to-end projects successfully.
  • Welcoming It’s a fun work environment where an open-mind is required to work together and for clients.


At Geo Solutions we believe in the technology that can strengthen real business cases through location. To make that technology effective, we have a wide range of skills in our team. From geographers, geologists, archeologists, geologists, phd's (>10%), over bachelor or master in IT to Civil engineers we have expertise coming from different angles. With about 70 people we have the power to serve many clients and to serve in teams. In our teams everyone is contributing to our mission with its own emphasis and strengths. Our people make it possible to realise specific strengths:

Our ecosystem

Geo Solutions is support by a strong team of experts. Our origin lies within the entrepreneurs spirit of Geo Square.  They allowed us to grow as a company.


Geo Solutions grow as a company and with the entrepreneurs spirit of Cronos we have enabled our team to start their brands in the world of location.

Partners and memberships

Geo Solutions is member of several sector organisations.