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For the first time ever, geo-information can be made truly accessible. Know more, work smarter, up your service and increase your sales.

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For the first time ever, geo-information can be made truly accessible.

We make it easier for companies to discover patterns in their geo data. This way, we enable them to detect opportunities and weaknesses to improve their service, and eventually serve their clients better.

Within Geo Solutions we concentrate on three domains to help our customers benefit from location.



Policy and business decisions benefit increasingly from location-based data. We can help you collect them in a smart way, making your existing databases a lot smarter in a heartbeat. 

Tools & Technology

Tools & Technology

Collecting rich data is great. But what about implementing it in your daily processes? With a tool or an app that is easy to use, and made to work brilliantly with your existing software. We can create them here, or send a technology expert your way to help your teams out.



Geo-information has the potential to transform your business. Our specialists are frontrunners in their field, helping businesses on a daily basis to embrace this technology and adapt their processes. We can guide your teams in that process too.

Our business solutions

We have helped customers to-overcome very different challenges. Through out our broad range of customer cases we have selected and defined business solutions that can be implementation fast and have immediate benefits to your organisation. Check out some of our latest solutions.


Each sector has its specific aspects regarding location and location based thinking. At Geo Solutions we have expertise in unlocking spatial data for different sectors.


A strong expertise was build over time. Through the use of location and the enabling of this in IT systems customers experienced a new way of thinking and information management.